Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I pay for a job? Do I have to put a deposit down?

We accept Cash, Check, or credit/debit cards (Visa & Mastercard). 50% of the job total is required to start the job, the job is not considered to be “started” until the deposit is received.

2. What is the turnaround time for my job?

Our standard turnaround time for most jobs is 10 working days. We always do our best to get your project done for you sooner than this, but it all depends on how busy we are. PLAN AHEAD! If you need things in a rush we can usually accommodate, but it may incur a small rush charge. The 10 working days starts when a job deposit is received.

3. How should I give you my art/design/logo? What formats do you need?

Artwork may be submitted via email or on disk. Generally vector art is the type of format considered “ready to go”. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, EPS, and some PDFs are the main type of vector files. We can work with almost anything (JPG, Photoshop, an old T-shirt, a tattoo on your arm, a napkin with scribbles on it) but depending on how much work we’ll have to do to get it looking good will determine your art and design cost. When in doubt, just ask us. Also, if you don’t have any art or logo, DON’T WORRY! We have a graphic artist in house here that can create just about anything you can think of. With over 10 years of experience in digital and traditional art forms, there’s almost nothing that we can’t create for you.

4. How do I pick up my order? Do you guys deliver? Do you ship? Can you bring me lunch?

Generally, if you are in the San Diego area, you are encouraged to come by the shop and pick up your orders. Someone is here from 9 to 5 Mon-Fri, and if that doesn’t work for you, just contact us and we will make arrangements for you to pick up. We can also deliver your job for a small driving fee. Additionally, we ship all over the U.S.A. If you have an account with UPS, Fedex, etc. we can ship to you on your account, otherwise shipping will be added onto your order.

5. I don’t see the item or service I need listed on your website, does that mean you don’t offer it?

NO! Since we are a custom shop, it would be nearly impossible to list everything we are capable of here at LIR. If you have a crazy idea in your head, chances are we can make it happen for you.

6. What types of clients do you guys provide services for?

YOU! Let It Ride does work for almost every type of business, group, and organization you can think of. We have done work for such diverse clients as: Costco, Del Mar Village Association, Christian High School, Ultimate Fighter, Quality Inn, San Diego Frightening Lightning, 454 Tattoo, Stir Fresh Mongolian Grill, Hair Drezzers On Fire Salon, Southern California Soil and Testing, UCLA, 91X Radio, Field Trip Promotions, Pacifica Del Mar, merchandise for tons of touring bands, and many more! We treat all our clients with the attention and respect their projects deserve, from 5 shirts for the local pizza shop, to 5,000 shirts for the nationwide contractor.

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