Direct To Garment Printing

Direct to Garment also referred too as DTG by the people in the industry (if you don’t know, now you know) is a process we use for people looking to get cost effective t-shirt printing while ordering low quantities or runs of printed t-shirts. It’s great for printing photos of you, your friends, or your archenemies onto a shirt. Unlike traditional screen printing, the colors are limitless and their are no setup fees.

Our Direct to Garment prices are based on Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirts. Other brands may have additional fees listed below:


White Shirt

Colored Shirt

 1 – 5  $13.00  $18.50
 6 – 24  $12.00  $17.50
 25 – 49  $11.00  $16.50
 50 – 149  $10.00  $15.50
 150 +  $9.50  $14.50


Additional Print Location  $2.00  $4.00

Additional Styles

American Apparel – 2001 Mens  +$3.00  +$4.00
American Apparel – 2102 Womens  +$4.00  +$4.50
Tultex – 0202 Mens  +$3.00  +$4.00
(Similar to American Apparel fit and quality)
Tultex – 0213 Womens   +$3.00   +$4.00
(Similar to American Apparel fit and quality)



What is the max print size available with DTG printing?

The largest Direct to Garment (DTG) print our printer can do is 14″ x 16″

Why is there a price difference between White and Colored Shirts?

First off, colored t-shirts cost more than a white t-shirt because the cotton is dyed. More processing = more money. Secondly we must first print a white base layer on the shirt so the color of the t-shirt doesn’t bleed through the lighter colors on the shirt. This helps get a more consistent color throughout the entire print and helps us deliver a more realistic photo on the t-shirt.

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