Our Choice for Best Superbowl Commercial

So we came up just a little shy (about $3,399,999.99) of raising the $3.5 million we needed to have our commercial air during yesterdays Superbowl. We really think we had a chance at runner up, BEST superbowl commercial, right behind the Volkswagen: The Force spot. None the less, we would like to take this time to share our piece of art with you.

We believe our ad shows the awesomeness that can be found at Let It Ride Design. We take pride in every job we do and always give you, our customer, our friend, 110%.

Let It Ride Design is a print shop in San Diego, CA. We can print on just about anything. So if you are in need of a service such as screen printing, pad printing or you just want your face on the side of your rickshaw, we can do it for you. Give us a call (858) 635-9167.

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