Custom Printed Novelty Items

I know it’s been a while, have you missed us? I know you’re just jonesing for an informative and interesting blog on some of the recent work we’ve been doing, so wait no longer!

There have been a lot of interesting ideas our clients have had, to advertise their company. One in particular recently has been quite fun to work on. They are a research company, Visions Research, that likes to hand out Magic 8 Balls to their clients. They wanted their company info printed on the 8 Balls so their clients would always remember them. Clever right? We were able to print on these using our Pad Printer. The 8 Balls were provided by the client, and we stamped their contact info onto the ball in white ink.

Visions Research 8 Ball
Visions Research 8 Ball

Pad Printing is amazing, especially when our clients want to print something more than t-shirts and business cards. With a pad printer, we can print on almost anything. If the item can withstand the pressure of the printer and the heat of the oven/or UV lamps, than it can be done. We’ve printed glassware, switchblade combs, Frisbees, baseballs, and now we can add magic 8 balls to the list. If you have an idea of something you want printed that may seem out of the ordinary, let us know. You never know what Let It Ride Design can accomplish.

And in case you missed it before, here is a video about the pad printing process:

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