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Don’t you just hate when you are wearing your sunglasses, and you have a giant spot on your glasses that you need to clean, but don’t have a nice soft microfiber cloth to clean them with? Or say you do have one, but it’s just not that cool looking? Let It Ride Design can hook you up with some custom made microfiber cloths. One of our repeat clients from Canada, Ragged Ass Barbers, came to us for some Ragged Ass cloths they could hand out to their customers while they’re in the chair getting “lined up” as some would say. It’s also a great way to advertise your company. Our client went with a black microfiber cloths, ¬†5-7/8″ x 5-7/8″,¬†that were screen printed with their contact information on the corner. Such a great idea and they came out pretty great if we do say so ourselves

Ragged Ass Cloth

Ragged Ass Cloth

Cloths can come in many different colors, depending on print color. Our client originally wanted a red cloth with white print, but the red is so prominent, we decided a black cloth would look better. If you are looking to get custom microfiber cloths, send over your ideas and artwork and we’ll set you up. And remember, if you don’t have a design, we got you there too.

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