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Banners are a great way to let people know you’re present when you’re at a convention, a concert or any event. They also make for a great photo op. People love to take pictures, why not give them that space to do so without some random person photo bombing them, instead advertise yourself. Local radio station 91x┬áneeded a new banner to be used while artists are playing some of their stages, sponsored by Shock Top. They asked us to help them out with this and it came out pretty great. The banner is 13 oz scrim vinyl, hemmed with grommets. It is a matte finish so it makes for a great photo (no glare)

91x Banner

91x Banner

If you need a banner done, we can help you out. Just send us over what size you’re looking for and we’ll get you all set up. Grommets? no grommets? matte finish, glossy finish? Whatever your fancy, we got you covered.

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