Gold Foil Print – Guru Tattoo

Let It Ride Design did a custom gold foil ink print on an American Apparel t-shirt for Nate at Guru Tattoo, located in San Diego, CA. Even with the best pair of high quality 3D glasses, our cameras couldn’t capture a picture great enough to show off the true...

Banner Prints for 91X – Frightening Lightning

Let It Ride Design printed both these banners for the High Dive located in San Diego’s Bay Park. The banners are printed with high quality UV inks (sun screen for vinyl?). The use of these high quality inks help the banners resist the temptation to fade over...

Car Decals for Hair Drezzers on Fire

Here we did a vinyl die cut decal job on a Mini Cooper for the company Hair Drezzers on Fire. Let It Ride Design also offers full color, full vehicle wraps.

Truck Decals for Urban Bloom

Here we did a 4 color custom vinyl die cut decal for Urban Bloom Landscape. If you were looking for something a little more bold, we also offer full car vehicle wraps.