Custom Microfiber Cloths

Custom Microfiber Cloths Don’t you just hate when you are wearing your sunglasses, and you have a giant spot on your glasses that you need to clean, but don’t have a nice soft microfiber cloth to clean them with? Or say you do have one, but it’s just not that cool looking? Let It Ride Design can hook you up with some custom made microfiber cloths. One of our repeat clients from Canada, Ragged Ass...

Screen Printing on Silk Scarves

Screen Printing on Silk Scarves Clients come to us wanting new business cards, an awesome banner to really make their presence known at an event, or even cool t-shirts for either employees uniforms or just for a special event their having. Most people think that’s all we’re confined to print, the run of the mill paper products or tee’s. And while yes we do love to work on all of the above, we are also capable...

Company Branding and Printing, from Conception to Manufacturing

Company Branding and Printing, from Conception to Manufacturing Branding a company can be a tricky thing….I don’t even like the term “branding” …it sounds so soulless and corporate….but oh well.  On one hand, you want to be creative, artistic, and make someone do a double take when they see something you’ve created.  But you also have to stay within the confines of the company’s image and “vibe” and...
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