Custom Banner and Yard Signs

Custom Banner and Yard Signs We have an amazing new client of ours, Down Under Services, which is an award winning landscaping company here in San Diego. They wanted to come up with some other ways to advertise their company, while on the job and off the job. We threw around a couple of different ideas and came up with a few pretty good ones. They wanted to have a banner up while they are working on their clients yards, to...

Custom Printed Pens

Custom Printed Pens Remember that last blog, where I talked about the “Package Deal” and how our clients, King of the Painters, ordered mugs, glasses and pens. Well we have finished the pens and I wanted to share them because they look pretty great. Again, we incorporated all of the company’s colors with these pens and we did it in a cost effective way so the client didn’t have to pay for...

Custom Vehicle Magnets

Custom Vehicle Magnets Do you want to advertise your company on your vehicle but don’t want to go full force with a car wrap? We have the perfect solution, Magnetic Vehicle Signs! Vehicle Magnets are the best solution if you don’t want to completely wrap your vehicle, you want to save some money and also want to have the option to take it on and off when you want. By day you’re “San...

Custom DTG Shirts

Custom DTG Shirts Direct to Garment has become a popular option in shirts, especially for those who only have a small run of pieces to do. Not only is it more cost effective, because you’re not paying for the setup fees, but the colors are limitless. We recently completed two DTG jobs, both for small groups, that came to us with their designs. Group 1 was a family of a dirt track race car driver and they...
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